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CTB Systems, offers both on-site and remote helpdesk support.

Our on-site support is billed at an hourly rate based on the specific service, plus travel time and expenses.

Using our remote helpdesk support system you can cut onsite support calls by as much as 80%. Productivity within your office increases as well.

There is no software to buy or install. We can only connect to your systems when invited to. You can see everything we do while connected. When our session is disconnected the program closes and nothing is left running in the background.

Those annoying little “how to” questions can be easily handled over the phone. Software installation, computer configuration, even installation of some peripherals can be dealt with remotely. A popup message on your screen can be seen by a technician before you click it away. In some instances we can even diagnose faulty hardware before someone comes on site to complete the repair.

It is as simple as making a phone call, and clicking on the CTB Helpdesk icon.

There are two plans available or plans can be customized to your unique needs.

Plan Types

Usage Plan Contract
The usage plan is billed @ $25.00 per quarter hour. Each session is timed and rounded up to the next quarter hour. Session time will be billed weekly. The contract plan is based on the number of computers being supported. The base price is $150.00 per month and includes the first 5 PCs.

PCs 6-25 are $20.00 per month each
PCs 26-50 are $15.00 per month each
PCs 51-100 are $12.50 per month each

A working high-speed internet connection is required. Call CTB Systems, LLC @ 856-857-0670 Today.