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Communications Services

CTB Systems is focused on Solutions, solutions for real world business communications problems that can improve your organization’s top and your bottom lines.

Is more than just voice over IP. It can help to transform your business. Applications for IP telephony now bring voice, video, and data to your desktop, call center, and mobile devices over a single, easily managed IP network. Game-changing solutions from our partners, Cisco, Netgear, and Line Systems are now available to organizations of all sizes and budgets.

Network Design
CTB Systems will help you build, reengineer, or test your network for VoIP readiness. Our certified network engineers will work with your IT department to ensure that your new voice and data systems and services are optimized for maximum performance.

Voice and Data Cable infrastructure
CTB Systems is a New Jersey licensed low voltage cable contractor. We can expand, replace or install new cable infrastructure to connect your new or existing voice and data network.

New mobility solutions are the fastest growing segment of our business. Wireless solutions can untether your office employees. Their laptops and their phones can go where they need to go. And that’s not limited to just your office or campus. Smartphones can now be integrated to your corporate network to seamlessly connect your mobile workforce with your customers.